Yesterday, Sept. 19, 2019, I came home from the office of Dr. Zachary Pearce, DO, feeling as if I were floating in the air. Why? Because I was very satisfied with the results of my upper eyelid surgery, he did 3 months ago. He asked me how I have been feeling these days. Well, I told him: “I feel better now, seeing better and feeling great! And you know Why? Because I am no longer wearing my dark glasses, (even at night) hiding the droopiness and ugliness of my eyes, one smaller than the other. I am now wearing my clear prescription glasses. I can see better and wide. No more bumping my head in entering my car, on kitchen upper hanging cabinets, and even on two-door refrigerator. What you did to me was like a miracle! Had I known before that I could have a safe eyelid surgery with no surgical complications, I could have done it earlier. Thank you very for doing a job well!” (Really, I think he reduced my age from 86 to 70. What a wonderful world!)