Drs. Lawrence Handler and Zachary Pearce proudly serve the Detroit, MI, area with oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Patients who experience drooping and wrinkled skin around the lower eyelid can benefit from a lower eyelid lift.

What Is a Lower Eyelid Lift?

A lower eyelid lift is a cosmetic surgical technique that can treat issues like lower-eyelid puffiness, drooping, and wrinkles. Also called a lower blepharoplasty, this procedure can be performed by itself or in conjunction with other facial procedures like an upper eyelid lift or a forehead lift.

With age, your skin loses elasticity and the underlying facial fat layer loses volume. These changes can make our eyelids appear wrinkled, puffy, and saggy. When this occurs, we look constantly tired and appear older than we really are.

Having a lower eyelid lift performed gives you a younger and more alert appearance. It helps correct wrinkles, loose skin, and excess fat in the lower eyelids.

Unlike an upper eyelid lift, which can be performed for functional or aesthetic reasons, a lower blepharoplasty is specifically performed for aesthetic purposes.

“I went to see Dr.Pearce for lower lid surgery. Had the surgery a couple of months ago and am thrilled with the results! He is very kind and skillful. I recommend him highly!” – Anonymous
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What Is the Procedure Like?

Various techniques can be utilized to remove excess skin and fat from the lower eyelids. The specific approach used by Drs. Handler and Pearce will depend on your unique case and the goals you have for the procedure.

First, local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia will be used to make the procedure comfortable for the patient. Very small incisions will then be made.

In some cases, the transcutaneous incision is made. This option is the more common choice and is made at the lash line on the lower eyelid. In cases where only excess fat needs to be adjusted or removed, the transconjunctival incision is made. This is created inside the lower lid, camouflaging the incision mark.

A lower eyelid lift involves the removal of excess skin and the removal and repositioning of excess fat for a more even look. After these changes have been made, the incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures or surgical tape.

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The Lower Blepharoplasty Healing Process

A lower lid blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure, meaning that you can have the treatment performed and then leave in a matter of hours without needing to stay overnight. Because you will not be able to drive at this time, a friend or a family member will need to give you a ride home.

You will be provided with aftercare instructions; follow these instructions thoroughly to avoid injuries or complications.

Don’t engage in any rigorous activity immediately after having a lower eyelid lift performed. Wear protective sunglasses and sunscreen to allow time for the skin around your eyes to heal. Any side effects experienced after surgery should disappear shortly.

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Because the operative area is highly sensitive and is surrounded by delicate tissues, a lower eyelid lift requires a deft hand and a high degree of skill. Don’t go to just anyone for lower blepharoplasty surgery.

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