If you are disappointed with how your eyebrows sag and how aged your face looks because of frown lines and wrinkles, you can come to Michigan Oculofacial Specialists in Detroit, MI, for a forehead lift. Also known as a brow lift, a forehead lift can take years off of your appearance, leaving you looking fresh and bright again.


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The Forehead Lift and What to Expect

At the start of a forehead lift, the patient is anesthetized. After anesthesia gets administered, incisions are made near the hairline. At Michigan Oculofacial Specialists, we customize the incision type used according to the needs of the client.

Various surgical options will be discussed including an endoscopic forehead lift, pretrichial and direct browlift. The brow can then be lifted and adjustments made if necessary to both the hairline and muscles causing forehead wrinkles.

During the endoscopic forehead lift, three to five smaller incisions are made. An endoscope, is a small tool which allows the doctors visibility of the region. The images from the endoscope are seen directly or on an external monitor. The pretrichial forehead lift involves an incision behind the hairline. The forehead is tightened and excess tissue removed. The direct browlift is performed at the border of the brow and forehead skin.

At Michigan Oculofacial Specialists, you may choose to get a forehead lift on its own or alongside other facial-rejuvenation procedures like blepharoplasty surgery. This creates more comprehensive results.

The Recovery Process After a Brow Lift

When you have your forehead lift performed at Michigan Oculofacial Specialists, you are given proper and specific post-surgical care instructions to follow. It is in your best interest to follow our directions for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

The recovery period for a forehead lift is usually 10 to 14 days. You don’t need to worry about taking off from work for very long and can expect to resume your daily activities in around two weeks’ time. More strenuous activities like sports and heavy exercise should be avoided until you are cleared to resume them.

Enjoy Your New Appearance

The results of your brow lift will be visible almost immediately. You will notice that post-surgical swelling and bruising fade over time.

After the recovery is complete, you will be able to enjoy your newly contoured forehead and defined eyebrows. You can say goodbye to your wrinkles and forehead lines. You will now look more like the youthful and vibrant person you are.

The benefits gained from your forehead lift will be long-lasting. You will need to be careful that you always use adequate sun protection in order to preserve the results of your brow lift.

How Much Does A Forehead Lift Cost?

The cost of a forehead lift varies depending on the needs of each individual patient. Drs. Lawrence Handler or Zachary Pearce will perform an initial examination of your facial features to develop a fully customized surgical plan. After your treatment plan has been developed, they will discuss the associated cost.

Arrange a Consultation for Your Forehead Lift

Contact Michigan Oculofacial Specialists to set up an informative consultation regarding your forehead lift with Drs. Lawrence Handler or Zachary Pearce. Our aim is to make patients in Detroit, MI, happy and give them long-lasting cosmetic results that they can be proud of.

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