If you are disappointed with how your eyebrows sag and how aged your face looks because of frown lines and wrinkles, you can come to Michigan Oculofacial Specialists in Detroit, MI, for a forehead lift. Also known as a brow lift, a forehead lift can take years off of your appearance, leaving you looking fresh and bright again.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Forehead Lift?

The best candidates for a forehead lift are healthy individuals who want to correct drooping brows. The eyebrows start sagging when patients are in their 40s, but this may also be experienced by people in their 20s or 30s due to genetics.

A forehead lift is a highly individualized procedure. Results may be different for everyone, and candidates must set realistic expectations.

Consult with our oculoplastic surgeons to determine if you are a candidate for a forehead lift.

How to Prepare for a Forehead Lift

The secret to a smooth and quick recovery is getting enough rest and good nutrition for at least 10-14 days after the surgery. Because of this, it’s best to request time off work in advance and to reschedule all activities during this period to ensure that your body can heal properly.

Preparing your meals ahead of time will help you get important nutrients like protein, fiber, and vitamins. Creating a meal plan will also save you from exhausting errands during the recovery period.

You may need to avoid blood-thinning medication, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements a week before the procedure. Consult with your doctor to discuss alternatives.

Stop smoking for several weeks before the forehead lift surgery, and avoid drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours before it. Doing this will help you avoid excessive bruising, swelling, and a slower healing process.

On the day of your forehead procedure, take a bath and wash your hair with mild products. This will keep your skin free of harmful chemicals and bacteria during the surgery. This is also important because it will be 48 hours before you are allowed to shower after the procedure.

The Forehead Lift and What to Expect

At the start of a forehead lift, the patient is anesthetized. After anesthesia gets administered, incisions are made near the hairline. At Michigan Oculofacial Specialists, we customize the incision type used according to the needs of the client.

Various surgical options will be discussed including an endoscopic forehead lift, pretrichial and direct brow lift. The brow can then be lifted and adjustments made if necessary to both the hairline and muscles causing forehead wrinkles.

During the endoscopic forehead lift, three to five smaller incisions are made. An endoscope is a small tool that allows the doctors visibility of the region. The images from the endoscope are seen directly or on an external monitor. The pretrichial forehead lift involves an incision behind the hairline. The forehead is tightened, and excess tissue is removed. The direct brow lift is performed at the border of the brow and forehead skin.

At Michigan Oculofacial Specialists, you may choose to get a forehead lift on its own or alongside other facial-rejuvenation procedures like blepharoplasty surgery. This creates more comprehensive results.

The Recovery Process After a Brow Lift

When you have your forehead lift performed at Michigan Oculofacial Specialists, you are given proper and specific post-surgical care instructions to follow. It is in your best interest to follow our directions for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

The recovery period for a forehead lift is usually 10 to 14 days. You don’t need to worry about taking off from work for very long and can expect to resume your daily activities in around two weeks’ time. More strenuous activities like sports and heavy exercise should be avoided until you are cleared to resume them.

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Enjoy Your New Appearance

The results of your brow lift will be visible almost immediately. You will notice that post-surgical swelling and bruising fade over time.

After the recovery is complete, you will be able to enjoy your newly contoured forehead and defined eyebrows. You can say goodbye to your wrinkles and forehead lines. You will now look more like the youthful and vibrant person you are.

The benefits gained from your forehead lift will be long-lasting. You will need to be careful that you always use adequate sun protection in order to preserve the results of your brow lift.


Dr. Handler is kind and patient – answering questions one might have in a relaxed, gentle manner. The office environment is pleasant with efficient, friendly and helpful staff. I was also impressed with the surgery center, Truvista – a modern, spacious and comfortable facility. My eyelids turned out beautifully and naturally, I am extremely happy with the results. I no longer have to raise my eyebrows to the max to see upwards and the deep forehead wrinkles this caused are now receding. The eyelids now feel weightless and can move effortlessly. If you have ever had long hair and had it cut off, that is the feeling of lightness that remains! My field of vision is also greatly expanded – sometimes you don’t know what you are missing until you get it back! Additionally, in these past months, four people I have met also had Dr. Handler “do” their eyelids and all were equally as enthusiastic. He is a highly specialized eye surgeon and I can’t recommend him highly enough!


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How Much Does A Forehead Lift Cost?

The cost of a forehead lift varies depending on the needs of each individual patient. Drs. Lawrence Handler or Zachary Pearce will perform an initial examination of your facial features to develop a fully customized surgical plan. After your treatment plan has been developed, they will discuss the associated cost.

Arrange a Consultation for Your Forehead Lift

Contact Michigan Oculofacial Specialists to set up an informative consultation regarding your forehead lift with Drs. Lawrence Handler or Zachary Pearce. Our aim is to make patients in Detroit, MI, happy and give them long-lasting cosmetic results that they can be proud of.


What are the benefits of a forehead lift?

When performed by our highly qualified oculofacial plastic surgeons, a forehead lift can provide dramatic, yet natural-looking rejuvenation. The forehead skin will be tighter, and wrinkles will be smoothed away. The brows can be recontoured and lifted to restore a more youthful look across the upper face.

How long do brow lift results last?

The longevity of brow lift results depends on the surgical technique used. The patient’s natural rate of aging, lifestyle, and other factors can also affect how long forehead lift results last. Patients who take care to practice healthy lifestyle habits and are diligent about protecting their skin from the sun often enjoy their rejuvenated look for a decade or more.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to a forehead lift?

Patients concerned about early signs of aging in the brow area may be able to accomplish their cosmetic goals with a non-surgical Botox® treatment. Botox® can be injected to temporarily release dynamic wrinkles throughout the forehead, including vertical frown lines and horizontal forehead creases.

What procedures can be combined with a forehead lift?

To achieve a harmonious, balanced facial appearance, our oculofacial plastic surgeons may recommend combining your forehead lift with one or more of the following procedures:

  • Upper eyelid surgery
  • Lower eyelid surgery
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Dermal fillers
  • Botox®
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