Thank you Dr Handler! Under your care, I was able to avoid additional surgery and I am SO HAPPY! My carcinoma reconstruction around my right eye was done by Dr Koh, but then he passed away unexpectedly. It took a couple of months to get to Dr Handler. By then, my body had formed keloid scars from my upper right eyelid down the side of my nose and across part of my face. I couldn’t blink properly, couldn’t wear a contact in my right eye, but couldn’t wear glasses either. Ugg.

Dr Handler suggested we try injections of “5FU”. He was always upbeat. His team was always caring and always professional. He never told me he had his doubts, as this is most effective when done earlier. Today, 8 months after the first in a series of multiple injections and one enhancement, I can honestly say I look great. It wasn’t until my last visit when he told me about “Option B” – another surgery to remove the keloids. I’m so happy to have avoided that!

Today, if you didn’t know I had cancer, if you didn’t know about my journey, you wouldn’t know. That’s how good I look – and that’s how good I feel. Of course, I did everything he told me to do. Dr Handler worked with me and gave the chance to heal. I am forever grateful!