I had droopy eyelids on both of my eyes. Dr Zachary Pearce was recommended to me by my Ophthalmologist. He said to me ” a lot of Drs do eye surgery; including dermatologists. I want my patients to go to a Doctor who specialists in the eye. He recommended Dr. Pearce. I was very happy with the way I was treated. The ladies in the office couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. Dr. Pearce explained everything to me in terms that I could understand and was very patient and answered all of my questions as if I was the only patient that he had and I was important to him. He talked to me right before surgery and again explained everything and asked me if I had any questions. The day after surgery he called me at home himself to see how I was doing and to answer any further questions that I may have had. I saw him for my post surgery visit and again staff and Doctor Pearce was very caring, helpful and very intelligent. I had never met Dr. Pearce before or had I even heard of him. I will recommend him to all of my friends who may need the eye surgery that he performs. I am 75 years old. One of the great office staff Kathrina Harper was very helpful to me. I made my appointment for surgery and because of Cov19 and a family wedding I had to change my appointment. When things changed I then wanted my surgery changed again. Kathrina very nicely put me on a cancellation list. I lucked out and got the surgery date that worked perfectly for me.!